Stay-cation to the North Coast

I’m finally back after an eight-week hiatus! As mentioned in my last blog post, I was completing my final year placement block, hence why I have been so MIA on the blog.

My friends think these sunglasses are ridiculous but IDC I love them

To celebrate the completion of my placement and Easter and really, just to spend time together, my friends and I took a short trip to the North Coast – and it was the best!

We stayed in an apartment rented to us by Emma’s friends (thanks Emma and her friends) and the view was honestly amazing!

I mean… I know that Portrush is at the beach, but we were really AT the beach. The apartment was really gorgeous and was big enough to fit all eight of us.

For tea on the first night, we went for 55 Degrees North where the view was again, amazing. We ordered a whole load of starters to share, and were immediately confused by the portion sizes as they were clearly meant for one person, but really delicious all the same. But the real star of the hour was the drink deals! Nicole and I went for a cocktails that only cost £4 each, while the rest of the girls went for 2 for 1 gin and tonics. Absolute bargain!

The next day, we took a spin to Portstewart, where we (obviously) had to get a Morelli’s then we burned off the ice-cream with a cute and scenic coastal path walk. Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I’m really (really, really) not a big fan of walking, but honestly, it was really nice and comforting even when I had sudden realisations about my dissertation along the way.

We had Dominos’ Two for Tuesdays that night for dinner and it was the best decision ever! I really didn’t think I was going to eat even half the pizza and ending up eating the whole thing in one sitting (oops!) but it’s okay, because I ordered a Delight Vegi, which is less calories so I’m sure I’m fine.

Then after lots of pink gins, dancing and drinking games, we headed to Anchor in Portstewart to go to their “club”. Funniest night of my life. I will never complain about coming from a small town EVER again. It took us calling 5 one-man taxi companies to finally find someone to take us and when we got there, just about anyone and everyone from the North Coast was there!

Finally, on Wednesday, we had to head home and I think after Anchor, we were all about ready to go home and sleep for the remainder of April. On our way back, we stopped at the Mini Maegden food truck to have a try of one of their Bon Fire Hot Chocs and it was sooooo worth it! Hot chocolate, toasted marshmallow whip and salted caramel sauce? YES, PLEASE!

the most amazing hot choc I have ever had!

After we finished, (although, most of the marshmallow whip was on my face) we said our goodbyes and headed back to sunny, old Bangor to sleep for a couple of days.

Now, here I am 3 whole days later, still full of love for my besties and sad that our trip ended so soon.

Happy Easter lovelies!

P.S. All the photos I have used were taken by my amazing friend Georgia Parkinson and her class camera.