Happy (belated) Galentine’s Day!

There is only one holiday that fills me with dread year upon year. Valentine’s Day. It’s nothing but a stupid hallmark holiday created to make dinner reservations three times harder to get and all the chocolate is sold out in Tesco’s. But of course, I’m only saying that because I don’t have a special someone in my life to spend it with. Otherwise, you can bet I would be first in line trying to get a tacky card and some cologne.

This year, however, my friends and I decided to make the best out of a (not-really-that-bad) situation and celebrate Galentine’s Day! Following in the footsteps of the most glorious female warrior Leslie Knope, we spent the evening rejoicing in the day that celebrates ‘ovaries over brovaries’.

When first deciding how we would celebrate Galentines, only one thought really popped up in any of our minds. Food. So of course, naturally, we let the idea of food run away from us and we thought of all the delicious combinations we could muster. Chinese. Indian. Mexican. You name it, we suggested it.

We finally decided on Mexican food and went with a potluck-style meal. Because, you know, it’s healthier.

Kathryn made some delicious chicken fajitas, I brought some of my home-made chilli con carne and Emma brought some delicious guacamole and some chickpeas (to suit her plant-eating needs). Aimee brought the goods with some chocolate filled churros, but by the time we actually got to eating the churros, it was definitely a ‘eyes bigger than our bellies’ kind of situation. But you know we still gave it a good go. And Nicole provided some sweet sweet Coca Cola and Pepsi Max (just to appease both sides of the Coke/Pepsi feud).

By the time we had finished eating, I can honestly say, I was well on my way into a food coma.

We finished off the evening by gossiping, talking nonsense and watching the first instalment of Murder Mountain, (which I have to say, not a lot of murder). We celebrated the day in the best way we know how, eating and talking until the cows come home.

By the end of the night I had: a full belly, a warmed heart and lots of love for my best friends.

Wearing red for Galentine’s day – I do go mad for a theme

Happy Galentine’s/Valentine’s Day everyone!

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